The 2014 Ache & Ouch

October 1, 2014 10:40 AM


The 2014 race results are in! Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Founded in 2006 by two local runners, Katie Malone and Scarlette Tapp, the goal of the Ache is to raise funds for St. Luke’s Hospital while promoting awareness of physical fitness in our community. The 9th Annual Ache Around the Lake was held at Lake Lanier on Saturday, Sept. 20th.  Since 2007, proceeds from the Ache charity race event have helped St. Luke’s Hospital upgrade their Radiology Department to digital technology.  We have upgraded our Surgical facilities, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Geriatric Psychiatry, and our Pharmacy.  In 2013, the Ache proceeds were used toward the Activities of Daily Living Lab at St. Luke’s Hospital. Monies raised helped cover the costs of the simulated kitchen, tub, shower, curb, and vehicle, as well as support other projects throughout the ADL Lab.

In 2014, the Ache benefitted the Discretionary Fund at St. Luke’s Hospital Foundation.  The newly-established fund will enable the Foundation to exercise discretionary spending when evaluating and purchasing small equipment items, facilitating required equipment repairs, or accommodating other unplanned expenses that develop during the course of the hospital’s fiscal year.

According to Meshelle Colvin, Executive Director of the Foundation, “We have not previously had the available resources or purchasing discretion needed when it comes to the area of small equipment items or unplanned expenses. With decreased grant funding, we are constantly looking for creative ways to purchase new items or provide quick-turnaround funds for the hospital’s ever-developing needs. In cases of unplanned expenses which arise during the fiscal year, we are also encumbered by the fact that most sponsored programs take approximately six months’ time from proposal preparation to award. St. Luke’s cannot usually wait that long and the urgency of the need only adds to pressures upon the hospital to increasingly do more with less. All funds raised through Ache Around the Lake will be credited toward the new Discretionary Fund.”

The ability to respond faster and more adequately to the hospital’s needs will certainly serve to maintain our excellent patient care and satisfaction levels, allow St. Luke’s Hospital to offer a wider array of support services to the community we serve, further enhance the hospital’s reputation, and help to facilitate our dedication and commitment to providing exceptional care close to home.

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